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Iscritto al n° 185 del Registro degli Organismi di Mediazione del Ministero della Giustizia


ORARI SEGRETERIA: ORE 10.30/12.30 - 14.30/16.30
TEL. 0565/917931 - 335/7111722  FAX. 0565/1989112 EMAIL: SEGRETERIA@RESAEQUAEADR.IT PEC:

How start a Mediation

Anyone can access the mediation alleging available civil and commercial rights, without ruling out other negotiations or complaint procedures provided for in the charters.
The request for mediation must be made by deposit of an application with the competent authority. If multiple applications relate to a dispute, mediation takes place in front of  the Organization where the first question was presented. To determine the time of application, the date of receipt is the legal criteria

The application must indicate:

1)     the organization, 2) parties, 3) the object of the claim 4) the reasons for the claim.

The mediation process takes place according to the Regulations of the Organization chosen by the parties.

Mediation can take place via web.

Upon appointment,  a lawyer is obliged to inform clearly in writing the possibility to use the mediation process and its tax advantages. This document, signed by the customer, must be attached to the application in the eventual trial. Otherwise the court will inform the party of the right to undertake a mediation process.

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